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Your New Brand Photos are In Your Inbox: Now What?!

Your bright and shiny digital brand photos just landed in your inbox – now what?  You worked hard to prep for these images and probably shelled out a decent amount of cash for them as well!  Don’t let them gather dust!  I recommend taking an hour to accomplish the following tasks.

NOTE: While this specific workflow specifically applies to the galleries that I send my brand photography clients, the general steps could apply to any content photos you receive.

  1. Print out and save the email that contains your gallery link and password.
  2. Download all of your images at high resolution and save them somewhere on your computer where you can find them again.  I recommend dragging them from your Downloads folder to your Pictures folder or a business specific folder that you’ve set up.
  3. Go back through your gallery and click the “heart” that appears over each of your very favorite images.  (You shouldn’t choose any more than half the gallery or a max of 20 images).  When you click the download button again, it will show a list of favorites!  Go ahead and download the favorites folder all on its own.  That way, you have your favorite images handy in a separate folder.
  4. Take those favorites and immediately update your social media profile photos.
  5. Update your existing website’s about me page and anywhere else you need updated images of yourself or your product.
  6. If you’re in the middle of a rebrand and are working with a graphic designer/brand designer, send the entire gallery (with your favorites marked) to your designer.  (The easiest way to do this is to forward the email I send you to your designer.)

Screenshots were pulled from Kate the Socialite’s Summer 2020 Brand Photo Gallery.

Need a checklist?  Save this image to your marketing Pinterest Board!

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Your New Brand Photos are In Your Inbox: Now What?!