Amazon Haul | The Five Solopreneur Gifts I Gave To Myself

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They may not be an A+ in the aesthetics department, but these are the intensely practical tools I use every day in my brand photography business! So if you want to gift yourself (or not so subtly hint to a family member), here are the solopreneur gifts I got myself!

lap desk for up to a 16" laptop

Lapgear Lap Desk

Because I work from my couch or chair, I work with my laptop on my lap. This was a much needed upgrade to the notebook I used to have under my laptop haha. This particular one just barely holds my 16″ laptop perfectly. I don’t always use a mouse so the mousepad is usually my phone holder, and I stick my chapstick in the actual phone stand. I use this thing DAILY!

ergonomic Vertical mouse for small hands

Ergonomic Mouse for Small Hands

Any other small fingered friends? I have child sized hands and was looking for an ergonomic vertical mouse to use when my wrist was bothering me. I read a bunch of tech blog posts and settled on this reasonably priced option. It’s a perfect fit and works well although I’m still a trackpad person for the most part.

Blue Yeti Podcasting microphone kit

Podcasting Mic Kit

Whether you podcast or not, this mic is awesome! I use it for podcast interviews, Youtube videos, webinars, etc, and even use on zoom calls when audio is important. I linked the full kit because that’s what I wish I had purchased instead of just the mic – I currently set my mic just to the side of my laptop but when I record my computer starts to “take off” which creates noise I then have to edit out later. So this would be handy to keep the mic farther from my computer.

Skullcandy grey and blue over ear headphones

Skullcandy Over-ear Headphones

When I tell you I’m picky about my headphones…I have a tiny head and tiny ears. This means that whether it’s in ear or out, most things don’t fit. Oh and headbands give me headaches. I freaking love Skullcandy, but especially these headphones. They’re sleek, lightweight, fit my tiny head and also have a headphone CORD that connects to my audio jack so I can use them even when I forget to charge them. (Spoiler, that’s always. I have probably charged them twice in the 2ish years I’ve owned them – I just always use the cord.)

They also fold up nicely for travel. And somehow I don’t get a headache while wearing them! My first pair actually just broke and I re-ordered the same ones because I really do love them. (The plastic stress fractured because I wear them off one ear and don’t take good care of them when I’m not wearing them!) Also, I should clarify that my priority for headphones is comfort, not audio quality. If you have a discerning ear, these may not live up to the sound quality of Beats or Bose.

Heated Neck Wrap

It’s probably sad how much I use this but the reality is that I get pretty frequent neck pain (both from poor posture in general and stress related pain.) So I use this wrap multiple times a week – it usually helps keep the neck pain from creeping up into my head and sitting there for days on end! I used to use the microwaveable version but this corded version is SO much better! And the auto shut off is a great safety feature for my fellow ADHD brains!

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Amazon Haul | The Five Solopreneur Gifts I Gave To Myself