Snowy Day Brand Photos For Your Business – Everything you Need to Know!

Want snowy day brand photos or business branding photos in the snow?  Here’s everything you need to know!

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How do I plan for a snowy day brand photo session?

The thing about snowy day brand photo sessions is that you may have to jump on an opportunity at short notice.  The key is to coordinate with your photographer and plan all the details of your session, including outfits and props, in advance.  That way you have a game plan and are ready to go on short notice!  Then check the 10 day forecast to pinpoint possible dates to keep an eye on.  (Amy Lynn Creative clients and friends – If you’re on my snowy day list, I’ll keep an eye on the weather for you and send updates accordingly!)

What time of day is best for a snowy day photo session?

Mornings are best, especially if the snow starts overnight or in the wee hours.  The earlier the better!  Why?  Because as the day progresses, the snow slows down and wind picks up, dislodging all that pretty snow from the trees!  Even the slightest breeze will kill the aesthetic, especially if its the light and dry stuff! Plan your session as early as 7:30 am but no later than 9:30 am.  Do yourself a favor by packing a tote the night before with your props, hats, gloves, etc, and lay out your outfits.

How do we get the pretty snow globe snow?

You know what I’m talking about!  According to, temperature and humidity affect the size of the snowflakes – warmer temps cause the flakes to melt slightly and stick together, whereas cooler, dryer weather creates tiny flakes.   If the weather forecasters say they expect rapid accumulation, this is a key indicator that they expect bigger flakes versus smaller ones.

That said there are always exceptions – as I write this, it’s actually above 32 degrees and the snow is wet but fine and not quite as pretty!

I looked up the weather report for this particular snowy day and it was between 30 and 32 degrees with 94% humidity and a wind speed of 14.8 miles per hour.  The trees were beautifully coated, but so were the roads, and it did result in relatively hazerdous driving conditions!

What location is best for a snowy day photo session?

For urban locations, consider a local landmark.  Dane county friends, the Wisconsin captol building always photographs well but it’s especially gorgeous in the snow!

If you choose a rural location, an ideal location would have nearby parking and either evergreen trees or trees that arch over a path or quiet road! If you’re a client of mine, I’ll be sure to recommend! Ready to chat about a snow day brand session? Click here!

Checking road conditions and assessing risk:

Snowy days often mean snowy roads.  It’s up to you to decide the level of risk you want to take.  Local to WI?  You can view main WI routes in real time!  Here is the link for the Dane County Road Condition Cameras:

If you decide to proceed, you do so at your own risk.  Please drive safely!

What outfit should I wear?

The key is to look warm and festive, without looking too “puffy”, right?  I know I’m wearing a sweatshirt in the photos in this post – I had planned a studio day for this particular day and the snow portion was actually spur of the moment. If I did it again this is what I would wear: I would wear slim but warm layers under a dressy coat, then finish my look with a coordinating hat or scarf, and maybe a fun pair of mittens or gloves. (Especially if you want to toss snow like confetti!)

If you plan to wear “cute” shoes or boots vs snow boots, I recommend wearing your snow boots to the location, then switching right when you start shooting for maximum warmth and comfort!

Here’s a compilation of some lovely coats and accessories!  Be sure to order them and have them on hand for your session! (All images are from the respective seller’s website/profile, and some of these links are affiliate links!)

Turquoise coat (comes in many colors) I love that this one looks slightly fitted!

Oversized Beige Plaid – A bit of a bolder pattern, with a blazer feel! (Comes in additional colors as well!)

Teddy coat in sage (comes in other colors). All the cozy vibes with this one!

Classic beige long coat (It comes in other colors and seems to be a less fitted cut than the first coat I shared!)

Slim turtleneck for layering! (Comes in so many colors!)

Cream & mustard hat

Black & white oversized blazer style topcoat

Lightweight Plaid Blanket Scarf – This scarf doesn’t add as much bulk as traditional blanket scarves, and comes in multiple colors!

For cozy sweaters, check out this blog post!

I hope this was helpful! If you’re in the Madison, WI area and would like to book a snowy day brand session with me, click here to learn more!

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Snowy Day Brand Photos For Your Business – Everything you Need to Know!