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Shannon & Ryan’s Olin Park Wedding

I have the hardest time with blog post introductions!  So much to say – but I struggle with words so I let my photos do most of the talking for me.  Besides, if a photo is worth what they say it is, this post has over 50,000 words!

Shannon & Ryan’s July wedding day dawned cloudy and horrendously humid.  So humid in fact, that our camera lenses fogged up the instant we walked out the door!  Despite the weather, they got married and it was beautiful, as you will soon see.

KFP_0191-2KFP_2046 KFP_0188-2Conveniently, Shannon had painted her living room wall blue.  Almost the same shade as the bridesmaids’ dresses! Blue is the best.

KFP_0197-2 KFP_0179-2

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Her dress though….Love the lace!!!


First looks are one of my favorite moments of the day. Due to the humidity these two had to wait for our lenses to defog!  Talk about ruining the moment!!!  They were such good sports about it!


It started raining right about when this photo was taken, so it necessitated taking photos indoors.  Thank goodness for huge doors and natural light!

KFP_0401-2 KFP_0393-2 KFP_0390-2KFP_0439-2 KFP_0443-2KFP_0427-2 KFP_0418-2KFP_0453-2KFP_0447-2KFP_0503-2


Shannon & Ryan’s ceremony was short and sweet and so very true to them.  Their good friend Forest officiated for them.

KFP_0520-2 KFP_0529-2 KFP_0554-2 KFP_0560-2 KFP_0569-2KFP_0608-2KFP_0634-2


Despite torrential rain during what was supposed to be portrait time, (it even forced us to close down the shelter for a while), Shannon stayed her sweet and positive self. So thankful for their trust in me!  KFP_0810-2KFP_0823-2KFP_0831-2

Despite the rain still coming down, this awesome bridal party was willing to step outside for a lovely portrait!  I love photographing in Olin Park and was thankful for their willingness to brave the weather for a couple of quick shots.


Shannon is a teacher and her Pinterest and DIY skills cannot be questioned.  She worked so hard to track down and put together a lovely camping themed reception.


How cute are these pretzel fishing poles!!  Ahh!KFP_1915

And of course you can’t go camping without s’mores.  Shannon put together the cutest little s’mores bar!


These two were tickled pink about their (root) beer!


Shannon & Ryan built and customized this awesome corn hole game for their reception!!!KFP_2117KFP_2114

In case anyone was wondering, Ryan won. 😉




I love her laugh!



The flower girls made me giggle all day long.  So much personality!KFP_2770 KFP_2719


Ladies and gentlemen, my husband Brian.  He joined me in time to help shoot the reception (his first time doing anything of the sort), and he rocked it.  In addition to several of the reception photos above, he took the below shot.  It’s one of my favorites – a tender moment during a slow dance.  Words cannot describe how happy it made me to have him along and I’m so thankful that he agreed to help out!  Here’s to many more?

IMG_4620KFP_2881Shannon and Ryan, thank you for trusting me with your wedding day, and for not giving up when the weather interfered with literally everything.  Your sweetness and smiles made this day so perfect and I am so incredibly happy for you both!! 

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Shannon & Ryan’s Olin Park Wedding