Planning Your Brand Session Part 4: Choosing a Location

Even though this is part 4 of my series, the location is actually one of the very first things you’ll want to nail down for your shoot and my studio won’t be a fit for every brand!

First, here are 3 questions to ask when choosing a location:

  • How does this location visually support your brand? (For instance, a commercial office with weird turquoise & orange accents might not support your soft, neutral brand visuals.)
  • Does this location represent a space where you spend a lot of time, conduct a lot of business in, or that represents an important part of your brand? (For instance a gym or grocery store might fit a wellness professional.)
  • Would the location confuse or clarify your brand story? For instance, coffee shop images don’t make sense for me because I don’t drink coffee, rarely meet clients for coffee, and find it difficult to concentrate anywhere other than at home! My home is currently a very small apartment with a lot of bright colors that don’t fit my photography brand, so I do my own brand photos at my studio, which is where I meet and photograph many of my clients!

Second, here are some possible location examples (rentals do require an additional investment but could be worth it to get the look you want):

  • Your own home office, storefront, etc
  • A friend’s tastefully designed home
  • A home rented through Airbnb or Home Studio List
  • A hotel lobby OR hotel room
  • Your photographer’s studio OR a rented studio.
  • Public-ish spaces like coffee shops, gyms, or restaurants

🟠🟠🟠 NOTE: Regardless of the location, it’s important to get the appropriate permissions in advance. Your photographer may want to handle the actual rental process to make sure the necessary permissions and paperwork are obtained!

Was this helpful? What questions can I answer for you about choosing a location for your brand photos? DM me on Instagram!

Stay turned for posts on props/styling & showing up authentically at your shoot!

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Planning Your Brand Session Part 4: Choosing a Location