Planning Your Brand Session Part 3: Building a Branded Wardrobe

Building a Branded Wardrobe

Have you heard of capsule wardrobes? The idea is to have a curated collection of mix and match pieces in a constrained color scheme that all work together! As it relates to brand photography, the goal is to create a mini capsule wardrobe for your brand photos so that you have multiple looks for a wider variety of content.

– Choose 3-5 mix and match outfit pieces that make you feel good AND fit your brand. For instance, this could be your logo colors and a compilation of neutrals.

– Tops are easier to switch out than pants, so bring more tops and one or two fave pairs of pants.

An example list:
– A fave pair of pants that goes with all of your tops
– 2-3 tops – a neutral, a pop of a brand color, and a pattern if appropriate
– Bring a blazer, jacket or cardigan to layer over one or more of your tops for a completely different look.
– Optional for ladies – bring a dress!
– 2-3 necklaces/earring pairings
– 1-2 pairs of shoes

This list assumes that you have a private place to change and a couple hours of shoot time! For a shorter session, consider bringing a second top or blazer for a quick swap. Be sure to discuss outfits, logistics, and time constraints with your photographer in advance to ensure that there will be time for multiple combinations.

Here’s an example of a great brand photo capsule:

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Planning Your Brand Session Part 3: Building a Branded Wardrobe