Planning Your Brand Photography Session Part 1: The Big Picture

I did a poll on my Instagram stories a while back and the majority of people said that they wanted tips on planning their session so I put my nerd hat on and I’m deep diving into the planning process.  But first, the big picture.

Brand photography is a newer term/photography style that has developed with the rise of social media and its role in solopreneurship. You may also see it called personal brand photography or branding photography.  Brand photography goes beyond the basic headshot to tell a clear and unique story about your business through consistent, quality visuals. So instead of just a great photo of your face, you’re making your customers feel like they are getting to know you as the business owner, getting a peek behind the curtain, or seeing different parts of your process. 

If you’re serious about growing your online presence, or your business is completely online, you may need brand photos.  Not just for your social media, but also to sprinkle throughout your website and lead pages and for content creation.  When your first touch with a potential client is your online presence, photos of you and you doing your thing can help build trust and connection much faster than just text or stock photography

Good brand photography should look different for each business owner!  The success of a brand photography session is also dependent on intentional planning!

All 5 elements of planning your session that I will be sharing about in this series involve with taking that story and translating it into images you can use.  They are:

  • Determining image placement
  • Building a branded closet
  • Considering props & styling
  • Choosing a location
  • Showing up authentically

These tips will apply regardless of who your photographer is, but how much of this process is on you depends on the photographer.  When you book a session with me, I send a digital workbook that walks you through this planning process so that I can learn about your business and the story that we want to tell through the styling and types of images we create!  Then I create a shoot plan for you that includes a mood board and a packing list. That shoot plan makes sure we stay on track during your session!

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Image cred: The Hubby.   Many pencil tips were sacrificed in the making of the first image 🤪

<3 Amy

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Planning Your Brand Photography Session Part 1: The Big Picture