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Behind the Scenes: How I Plan Brand Sessions for My Clients!

Making the most of your brand photography investment means digging into your brand FIRST! Fancy photos aren’t any good if they don’t align with the brand and mission that you’re putting out into the world! Earlier in 2021 I rolled out an upgrade to my client experience and I’ve had great feedback about the process!

Last year I started realizing just how essential the planning process is to the success of a brand shoot – so I created a digital workbook that I send to every client after they book. The workbook is interactive, which means it has sections of helpful info followed by questions for you to fill out. I then take that completed workbook and turn it into a custom shoot plan for each of my clients complete with outfit ideas, a vision board for the shoot, and a shot list. It also guides my styling choices (like the desk styling in Kate the Socialite’s image above.) Returning clients like Kate receive a modified workbook that builds off feedback from their previous session with me and any new directions their brand might be taking.

Taking the extra time during the planning process helps me create more targeted, on-brand images for my clients! After digging into Jami’s child sleep consultant brand and ideal client a bit, we incorporated some “soft” elements and a crib (not shown in this photo) for her photos. We also stayed within a certain grouping of colors.

It may look like a storm went through after every session (this is the prettified version) but I LOVE styling sessions for each of my studio clients based on the shoot plan we put together during the planning process! When I leave a brand shoot, there’s a pretty solid chance that I call my parents on my way home and y’all…most of the time…I am SO incoherent on those calls. My words don’t even come out right. Or I don’t say anything at all and my mom asks if I’m still there. (which, if you know me, is crazy.) I pour every ounce of my energy and creativity into every shoot because I LOVE what I do! (It usually takes a big ol’ nap and a lot of protein to revive me!) I’m so blessed to have the privilege to do something I’m THAT passionate about!

<3 Amy

PS. Have we met? If not, hi! I’m Amy, a Madison, Wisconsin based brand photographer and videographer.  I elevate the brands of small business owners through strategically planned photo or video shoots. And yes, I travel!

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Behind the Scenes: How I Plan Brand Sessions for My Clients!