Planning Your Brand Photo Session Part 2 : Determining Image Placement

In my first post of this planning series, I shared the big picture goal behind brand photography.  (See it here.) Now I’m digging into planning a successful session and the first thing you need to think about is image placement.

Ask broad questions first:

  • Where do you need these new images to go in the online space?  Website? Social? Which social platform? Graphics?
  • What is on your calendar in the next six months to a year that you would need new photos for – like a rebrand or a launch?
  • What story are you trying to tell with your branding and what types of images would support that?

Now that you have those broad questions answered, it’s time to dig in and get really specific.

Images you might need on your website home page include:

  • A wide banner or header image for the top that includes space for text
  • An image next to a paragraph about your services
  • A set of three images to compliment three different clickable categories

Images you might need for social media include:

  • Vertical images of you for reels covers
  • Horizontal images that are more candid or lifestyle type images for posts
  • On brand “detail” images that don’t show your face for the background of graphics, etc.
  • Images of you against a simple background for “cutout” images of yourself for ad graphics, stories, etc.

Other images you might need:

  • A really fab headshot for all your profile photos
  • A fun confetti shot for an important launch or rebrand announcement

Your graphic designer wants you to have great images to support their beautiful and functional website and graphics designs! If you’re working with a graphic designer, creating this list is a great opportunity to bring them in and say, “Hey, what am I missing?”

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Planning Your Brand Photo Session Part 2 : Determining Image Placement