No-Fluff Business Books To Read This Year

Can you believe we are flying into August already?! Like it or not, it’s time to be thinking about 2023. To prep for an even better year, read one or two of these no fluff business books!

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Quitter by Jon Acuff

This is the book that helped me survive (if not thrive) in my day job for five LONG years of growing my business on the side.

Profit First

In 2020 I paid myself less than $100 from my business. In 2021 I paid myself four figures, even though my actual business income didn’t increase. The only change was implementing the Profit First method. As someone who is terrible with money, Profit First has absolutely changed the game for me. (If you’re a numbers obsessed person or enjoy a classic accounting style, this may not be for you. People either love this book or think it’s a load of crap.)

The Thank You Economy

Just a classic. A great foundation for a good client focused mindset and building solid referral traffic.

Marketing Made Simple: A Step By Step Storybrand Guide

Ok, to be honest I haven’t read this one yet. I did read Building a Storybrand (same author), but I am recommending this one instead because it sounds like less theory and more action focused, which I gravitate towards when reading business material. I should also clarify that I’m not entirely on the Storybrand train, however its a good messaging framework to have in the back of your head, even if you apply it more loosely than Donald Miller would prefer. 😉

Rocket Fuel

I loved this book. It may not be applicable to all, but it helped me understand where my strengths were and were not as a CEO and made me think about what areas I might want to outsource down the road! (Hint, there’s probably an integrator in my future!)

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No-Fluff Business Books To Read This Year