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New England Brand Photo & Video: Current Design Studio

I was preparing for my trip out East when Olivia contacted me about doing her branding photo and video…in Burlington, Vermont.  Um, yes please!  

I flew into Boston the night before and after an interesting adventure in a less than cool part of Boston, made it to my parents house in New Hampshire for some sleep!  (Here’s the thing about New England – for the most part you can easily traverse two or three different states in just a few hours!)  The next morning I was up at the crack of dawn to drive the two hours to Burlington, where Olivia had rented the cutest studio for her brand session!  That drive was the most beautiful part of my entire trip – from early morning fog, to the scent of freshly cut trees on passing log trucks, to the cutest little general store in the middle of nowhere and the twisting road over hill and dale, it made my New England heart sing.  The best part was a section of road in the middle of my journey where the foliage was ahead of the rest and the sun hit the red and orange leaves just right and it was MAGICAL!  I’m still kicking myself for not pulling over to take photos!

a plant and a close up of a woman as she sits on the stairs
brand headshot for a female graphic designer serving health and wellness professionals
girl laughing on a set of white stairs
a woman standing and sitting in front of a laptop

But this post is about Olivia and I digress!  Olivia had rented Marais Studio and it was perfect for the light, bright wellness vibe she was aiming for!  Olivia is the owner of Current Design Studio, a graphic design company and website template shop for health and wellness professionals.  Her niche was specifically chosen and fits perfectly with her love of the outdoors and her passion for yoga and yoga instructing.

two images of a woman typing, one far away, one close

We did her photo and video brand session in two parts, with a different outfit for each part.  The first was her more formal outfit (cute but casual, as fits her brand) and the second was her yoga and wellness vibe. Check out her brand video!

woman doing yoga in front of a white wall

Olivia was so easy to work with because she already knew exactly what she wanted.  I love working with my clients to come up with a style and a shot list for their session but Olivia had a lot of the planning done already!    Check out her website to how how well her photos fit her new branding! <3 Amy

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New England Brand Photo & Video: Current Design Studio