Maximize the Impact of Your Brand Photography Investment

Brand photography can be a significant investment of time and money. Maximize the impact of your brand photography investment by following these tips!

1. Book your brand photography session far enough in advance!

The brand photo process, from start to finish, can take 6-10 weeks, minimum! For instance, if you book a May 1 session on April 1, we only have 4 weeks to plan your session, including ordering any outfits, pulling together your signature item(s), and figuring out location logistics (if we are renting or borrowing a location other than my studio.). Then it takes two weeks to deliver your images after your session for a 6 week minimum. I prefer to allow two months or more for planning, especially if we are doing a half day or full day session! (More info on those here.)

2. Plan EVERYTHING prior to your brand photography session.

As a small business owner, you know you that strategy is vital for ROI. I love being able to lift (most of) that weight off my clients shoulders by asking the right questions about their brands, then turning that into a session plan that fills content holes and visually elevates their online presence. To that end, the digital planning workbook that I send my clients once they’re booked digs into their brand and goes beyond the Pinterest board to strategize the session so that they end up with photos that they will actually use!

When you plan your own brand photos, ask yourself these questions:

  • Who do I serve?
  • Where am I showing up now?
  • What pieces or parts of my business/offerings are growing or changing over the next 12-18 months?
  • What types of images will I need to fill specific locations, like my website header or a Canva graphic?

Want to learn more about how to map this out? I offer my session planning workbook as a standalone product! Click here for details!

3. Choose a brand photography location that compliments your brand.

While my studio is a great fit for some clients, I also recommend using investing in another space, like a residential interior, for extra impact. Did you know that there are beautifully curated homes for rent all over the country specifically for photo sessions and productions? (Madison, WI friends, there aren’t a large number of stylish locations in our area so you might want to consider getting out of town for an extra awesome location! I’ve found a lot more options within two hours or so of Madison.)

You can typically expect to invest an additional $500-1000 in a great location, but it can absolutely be worth it if the location strengths the visual story of your brand!

brand photo of two women conferring at a wood table

Cover image is of Husky Homes at a location they arranged with their local contacts! (Also an option if you know someone with a great space that is consistent with your brand!)

Want to see what brand photography might look like for your business? Check out my website or schedule a no pressure discovery call here. If you can’t justify an investment into professional brand photography right now, consider planning your own brand photos! I created a digital workbook just for my fellow bootstrappers – check it out here!

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Maximize the Impact of Your Brand Photography Investment