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Introducing…My Madison, WI Photography Studio!

In seeking God’s will for my business over the years, I’ve often struggled with clarity but as I’ve prayed and studied it’s been pretty clear that even though God opens doors, it’s still up to me to walk through said door! An open door doesn’t do any good if you just stand there staring at it.

Amy Lynn Creative is a brand photographer in Madison Wisconsin

As I’ve delved deeper into personal brand photography, some unique challenges have presented themselves logistically, especially in a small city. I often have clients who want images in downtown Madison, but also in an indoor space and it can be difficult to find a reasonably priced option that is actually available!

So when I decided to research an hourly studio option and discovered that there was one monthly studio share opening at this perfect little studio in downtown Madison WI, I jumped on it and I am blessed to be the newest member of this shared studio. I am sharing it with three talented artists – a florist and two other photographers!

The studio itself has everything I was looking for – white plaster walls, a gigantic window, original woodwork, and neutral furniture, a bathroom, and air conditioning. Bonus points for the Bose Bluetooth speaker! A perfect canvas to be able to build off of! Ultimately, my goal is to serve my clients well and I’m so excited for the opportunities that this space presents!

I do want to address a few questions that may come up:

Can I still choose a different location for my shoot?
Of course! While some mini session days will be designated as in-studio only, I’m still available to come to you or meet you at a location of your choice! This beautiful studio is a fantastically neutral spot that suits many brands, but the intention is to make it EASIER to get the look you want, not harder. 🙂 Pricing for studio sessions and outdoor locations is the same.

If you wanted to rent a different space for your session, you would be responsible for that additional rental fee.

What about parking?
Off street parking is available!

When can I stop by?
The studio is available by appointment only! Contact me to get your brand shoot on the calendar! If you’d like more info, click here:

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Introducing…My Madison, WI Photography Studio!