Inspiration for Your Personal Branding Photoshoot: 2023 Edition

You know you need a personal branding photoshoot for your business in 2023 but where to start? Here are examples of personal branding photos, plus how they can inspire your own personal branding photoshoot!

The Classic Headshot Photo

Don’t underestimate the power of a great headshot! Looking at the camera helps create connection and recognition. Don’t be afraid to embrace color if it fits your brand! I love how these shots stand out because of the bright backdrops! When using a headshot as your profile photo, be sure to crop it tightly so that your face can be seen!

The “At Work” Photo Series

Candid photos give your audience a peek behind the scenes and lend themselves perfectly to static Instagram posts, blog post cover images, newsletter photos, or freebie and lead page graphics. These photos could be done in a studio, in your office, or another rented interior space. If your clients ever meet you in person, I highly recommend having these images taken in your own space!

Specific Content Photo – Podcast

Do you have a dedicated space to share valuable content outside of social, like a podcast? Having images specifically for your podcast makes it so much easier to tell your audience and keep them updated on the latest episode!

The “Background” Photo

A brand photo doesn’t have to have your face in it to be effective! Photos without your face are perfect for graphic backgrounds both in social posts and on your website!

The “Contact Me” Photo

A playful phone photo isn’t just for your contact page – use it in a call to action social media post or story!

The Pointing Photo

A photo of you pointing at absolutely nothing may seem odd on it’s own, but it’s the perfect shot for a graphic bringing attention to an important announcement or a pro tip!

The Confetti Photo

Whether you’re celebrating a personal win, a new offer announcement, a giveaway, or a business milestone, you’ll find so many uses for a confetti photo! (Plus throwing confetti is just plain fun!)

Seasonal Photos

Seasonal and holiday images give your content added relevance throughout the year. Here in the Midwest, we have very distinct seasons, so my clients often find seasonal images to be essential!

What Types of Photos Does YOUR Business Need?

Every business has unique marketing needs and a Pinterest board of inspo will only take you so far. I created a brand image audit and planning workbook to help you strategically answer those questions for your own brand and you can access that here!

Ready to build or update your personal branding photo library?

Hi, I’m Amy! I’m a Madison Wisconsin based personal branding photographer working primarily with female-led, service-based small business owners who value a strategic approach to their images. I do travel as well and am currently booking early 2023 and beyond! Get more info here!

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Inspiration for Your Personal Branding Photoshoot: 2023 Edition