How to Invest in Photos for your Business and Make it Count (I was Interviewed on a Podcast!)

As the economy gets weirder, you may have had to prioritize your businesses expenses more carefully than ever before. And that could mean that expenses without a dollar sign ROI could slide to the bottom of the list. Things like brand photos. I mean dang…it is an INVESTMENT! But here’s the thing…it’s an investment. And while you may not be able to attach a dollar sign to that return on your investment (and I won’t ever make those kinds of claims), strategic custom photos for your brand can make a tangible difference in your business.

Here are a few ways brand photography can save you time and money in the long run:

  • Having a library of images removes a content creation barrier, allowing you to put less time and effort into website updates and posts
  • Strategic brand photos can remove sales objections by subconsciously answering questions prospective customers and clients ask. (Eg: Is this art really made by one person?)
  • A well designed website with custom photos speaks to legitimacy and helps build that know, like, and trust factor. (It’s no longer enough to just have a website – that is so 2010!)

In a noisy world of stock photos and machine generated content, human created, custom content will continue to help your business stand out. But hey, I get it! Professional custom photos for your business aren’t cheap. It’s important to be strategic and plan ahead so that you can make the most out of your investment.

Recently I was honored to be interviewed by Cassie Schmidt, a holistic business coach for creatives and host of the Creative Cantina Podcast. We spent 35 minutes discussing how to maximize that brand photography investment. The episode just came out today and you can read the synopsis and find all the links to it here: Whether you are stretching every last image from a past session, borrowing the talents of a friend with a camera for some informal brand photos, or investing in a professional brand session, I know you’ll find value in this episode!

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How to Invest in Photos for your Business and Make it Count (I was Interviewed on a Podcast!)