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Four Types of Brand Video and Where to Use Them

There are different styles of brand video and which one you choose is really just going to depend on your business and where you plan to use it!

1) Straight b-roll. (B-roll is an industry term for “candid” style video footage.)  Straight b-roll may just have music instead of someone’s voice speaking. B-roll without audio of your voice is great for a website header, background, etc. B-roll can also be combined with voice audio in the other video types. In the television world

With any type of video, b-roll helps strengthen the story you are telling about your brand and your services and creates visual interest!

2) Audio “underneath” b-roll.  Probably something you would embed on your site and would either play automatically or people would click to play.  It is similar to the split example below, but without the “interview style” shots.

3) Split. A split video could show you speaking to the camera for a shot or two, then audio continuing “underneath” b-roll footage of you “behind the scenes”, shots of your product, you interacting with your product, etc. In the television world, you often see this style of video in documentaries and reality TV! Split video is probably the most common type of brand video with the most application to small businesses. It does require you to have a portion of your script memorized since you’ll be on camera for part of the narration!

Example of a “split” video:

4) Interview style. Interview style video is exactly that! It can also be called “talking head” style video. This does not include much, if any, b-roll and is you speaking directly to your audience. Straight interview style videos may occasionally be used for information purposes but aren’t as common since they tend to not be as visually dynamic.

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Four Types of Brand Video and Where to Use Them