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Education and resources via in person mentoring, tips and tricks on my Youtube channel, instagram account, and digital product shop!

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I'm  a Madison, WI based, New England raised,  brand photographer and videographer.  I'm blessed to be married to a sweet, handsome guy named Brian who lovingly accepts my quirks, patiently explains sports to me,  and laughs at my attempts to dance or otherwise be coordinated.  God used a Christian summer camp to bring us together in 2011 and we haven't looked back since!  (Except to fondly reminisce, of course!)  For more about me and what God has done in my life, click below.

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Hi!  I'm Amy!

This is where I hang out and answer your questions!

In depth videos and tutorials on everything from tech to mindset!  Be sure to subscribe so that you are notified when a new video drops.

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I am in a time of transition where I am rapidly growing my business while also working a traditional full time job. While I'm hopeful that my schedule will be more flexible in the very near future, I am currently available evenings and weekends. That said, I can schedule zoom calls early in the morning or around lunchtime if that is easier for you. I will not be sending you 11 pm text messages unless you want me to. Because that would just be obnoxious. If I have questions, I try to ask them during your working hours, or put it in an email so that you can respond when it is best for you!



Depending on the services you need, plan to spend 2-4 hours over a 1-2 week period between zoom calls and your "homework". I do not charge for my time during this onboarding process as I realize that you're putting in just as much of your time! This time is vital in ensuring that I have a good handle on your brand and your needs!



I have a very strict no-plagerism policy. I will not knowingly copy or paraphrase anyone else's website or social media content.



At this time, I am only taking on one-time projects vs. ongoing services.  I do not include copyrighting or writen content creation in any of my services.  My strong suit is making your words look amazing and easy to read!



Billing occurs biweekly for the hours completed during the previous two weeks.  The only exception is your very first invoice, which will be due after the first week.



(eg. KJ Bridal Guide) It depends on what it is! While different educators and content creators have various policies, I can usually format purchased templates as long as you send me proof of your purchase AND I actually personally own the template as well. My list is growing so be sure to ask! If there is any question about whether I can or not, I will get in touch with said educator to make sure I'm not violating any of their policies.

As a follower of Christ, I strive for excellence and honesty as I seek to lift up others and glorify God. Put into practice, this means that I do my best to represent my skills accurately, value my clients’ time and resources, and value the work of others. It means creating content that is truly original and using properly sourced images and graphics. It’s not just about a legal agreement (although I have that too), it’s about doing what is right, even when no one is watching.  

“So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”
1 Corinthians 10:31 ESV

Ethics & Values Statement

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