Five Places for Images of Yourself on Your Website (for service based business owners).

Your brand new brand photos shouldn’t be relegated to your dusty About Me page. Instead, images of your face should be featured all over your site! (Especially if you are a service based business owner and the face of your business.) In this post I’m sharing 5 places to put your brand new photos on your website!

  1. Above the fold. Remember newspapers?  Those pieces of grey paper that get ink on everything and fold in half?  “Above the fold” was originally a newspaper term referring to the top half of the front page that people could see sitting on the newsstand!  Now it also applies to the very first section of your website that people can see without scrolling. A really “zoomed out” photo of you with a lot of white space is perfect for above the fold, especially if you want to add text next to it.  Here’s an example from my client Ashley Powell’s website (image and design by me.)

And an example from my own website of an image that doesn’t go across the entire width (image by Cassie Schmidt):

2. Below the fold w/ a brief introduction of yourself. Below the fold means just one or two sections below the top of your website but still front and center on the home page. This introduction is especially important for service based biz owners since you are the face of your biz! Here’s an example from my client Kate the Socialite’s website. (Image by me, website design by Kate the Socialite.) Her home page about me blurb is three short sections down from her above the fold image, which is also an image of her.

And an example from my own website (directly below my above the fold image) (image by Cassie Schmidt):

3. On your About Me page. (You do have one of these, right?! This is the perfect place to put more casual images, behind the scenes images, or images of your fam as well. Example from my own website because I practice what I preach:

4. On your contact page. If you have a separate contact page on your website, it’s a good idea to have an image of yourself there as well! I personally have a contact section at the bottom of my website and chose to exclude an image on that section.

5. If you have behind the scenes images, these are fantastic to sprinkle throughout your services descriptions or in your About Me. I included this bts on an About Me slide.

Now, go fix your website!

<3 Amy

PS.  Have we met?  If not, hi!  I’m Amy, a Madison, Wisconsin based brand photographer and videographer.  I elevate the brands of service based business owners through strategically planned photo or video shoots in my downtown Madison photo studio and beyond.  You can find more of my work and ways to work with me at .

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Five Places for Images of Yourself on Your Website (for service based business owners).