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Greenville SC Brand Photography: Two Artists and an Interiors Workroom!

It’s Feature Friday! I’ll be sharing about one of my incredible clients, along with images from their brand photo session, every (or almost every) Friday!

Today’s post looks a little bit different: I’m actually sharing THREE small businesses with you all! One of my vacation stops this month was Greenville, South Carolina. My sister lives there and while I was there I was able to meet up with some friends from college, three of whom are also fellow small business owners and I took a few quick photos of each of them while we visited.

First up, Annette Faber of Kaylee’s Creations. Annette owns and operates a custom fabrication studio where she creates luxury custom window treatments, pillows, roman shades, etc for interior designers.

I had the privilege of working for Annette for 3 years while in college (I have an interior design degree and an aptitude for sewing) and she became my mom away from home! She let me bring my laundry to her house so it could run while I worked. I got to know her family and sometimes I ended up staying for dinner. She’s also the person responsible for connecting me with Kate the Socialite! I’m so thankful for her expertise, love and friendship during some stressful years of my life!

Next, is Cherith of Aspen Creek Art. Cherith actually lives in northern Montana but was providentially in Greenville at the exact same time I was and it worked out for us to meet up for coffee briefly!

Cherith and I actually became friends while stuck in the school infirmary with swine flu our freshman year of college. Because nothing spells forever friendship like being stuck in the same room together hacking up our respective lungs for 6 days straight…LOL. Honestly I’m thankful because we are both introverts and may never have forged a friendship without being forced to talk to each other! Cherith met her future husband the next semester and I photographed their wedding the day after we all graduated from college. And we hadn’t seen each other since. Adulting problems.

Anyway, Cherith is an incredible painter and has actually started making her own pigments herself. She sources soil and rocks from Montana, then crushes them, mixes them with oil, and paints with them. The results are beautiful and the passion she pours into her work is incredible! Follow her on Instagram here:

And her website is here:

The coffee shop we met at had the perfect white brick wall for a few quick headshots – hallelujah!

And last but definitely not least, KC Christmas! Yes, that is her real name. 🙂 KC is a painter, collage artist, and lifelong student of art history. We met in college but not at college ironically and have kept in touch ever since!

KC creates larger pieces but also a number of smaller paint and collage pieces that are absolutely perfect for gifting. I dearly love her snarky sense of humor that comes through in her art.

I was thrilled that it worked out for my sister and me to go to her studio and check out her space and all of the works in progress! While I was there, I took a few content photos for her and a few faves are below!

Here’s where you can find her work:


Etsy Shop:

Current Greenville Pop Up shop:

Phew! That was talent overload but there you have it! Til next Friday, Amy

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Greenville SC Brand Photography: Two Artists and an Interiors Workroom!