Content Prompts to Use with Holiday Stock Photos

I can’t believe I’m already thinking about this, but here are some content prompts and tips for sharing content during the holidays and beyond. To be honest, I felt super insecure about sharing this because written content is NOT my forte. I don’t consider myself an expert in copywriting or marketing and honestly, I really struggle to talk about my business during the holiday season. I’m writing this post mostly to organize my own ideas but I’m hopeful it serves you, too! One thing I’ve found that really helps is having a library of holiday brand photos or holiday stock photos to pull from! If you need holiday stock photos, I’ve got you covered with two exclusive collections!

An image from my Bright Holiday Stock Photo collection

Set Your Goals & Priorities First

  • Do you have holiday specific products or collections?
  • Do you have a particular service you only offer during the holidays?
  • Do you try to take more time off during the holidays?
  • What are your lifestyle and income goals for 2023 but specifically Q1?
  • What are your business growth goals for the following quarter?

Plan Your Content In Advance

Using the questions above, make a list of the most important pieces of content you need to create. Pair your holiday stock photos with content prompts, then draft posts/emails accordingly. Need some more specific prompts or ideas? I’ve sorted these content prompts by theme/holiday!

November 1-30 – Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday

  • Gratitude post – clients
  • Gratitude post – family
  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday information OR
  • Why you don’t do Black Friday/Cyber Monday
  • Shipping deadline reminders if you sell a giftable product

December 1 – December 25

  • Christmas prep
  • Christmas traditions
  • Introduce yourself
  • Behind the scenes of your holiday prep
  • Shipping deadline reminders if you sell a giftable product
  • Timesaving tricks that are relevent to your audience
  • Gift giving
  • A lighthearted OR heartfelt story
  • Musing about the next year

December 25 -January 2

  • Behind the scenes of your own goal/resolution/intention setting process
  • What you wish you’d done during this time last year
  • New Years plans
  • A New Years wish for your ideal client/audience

January 3-January 15

  • Something you learned last year
  • Tease a new product or service OR ask for feedback
  • How your product or service chases away the winter blues
A winter themed image from my Holiday 2022 Neutral Stock Photo Collection!

General Tips

  • Listen to Christmas music when drafting Christmas content, etc. It really does help!
  • Ask questions that encourage engagement.
  • Lighten up – Share a humorous life or business story.
  • Keep yourself top of mind but ease back on the selling if this time of year isn’t huge for you.
  • Interact with other people’s content.

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Content Prompts to Use with Holiday Stock Photos