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before and after of a brand image

One of the questions I get asked all the time in various forms is: “Do you Photoshop photos before you deliver them?” The simple answer?  Not if I can help it! But usually when my clients ask that, that’s not what they’re really asking. What most people really want to know is, “How do you […]

FAQs: Do You Photoshop Your Images?

dresses hanging on a rack

You need brand photos, but where does one start?  Brand photo and video shoots are a big investment and I want to help you make the most of your session so that you get photos and video that you love and that work for your business. Know thy brand. This could be a whole blog […]

How Make the Most of your Brand Photoshoot

We love our four legged friends (sadly that is a metaphorical we – my apartment is not conducive to additional creatures) and they are a part of your family! Naturally, you want them to be part of your engagement session senior session, family photos, or even your wedding day! And sometimes you may even want […]

Session Tips | Bringing Your Dog to Your Photo Session or Wedding

So, you’ve booked your summer photo session. Yay! It’s so lovely to have some summer photos for your walls! What now? I know you’re busy, so I compiled some of my best tips and outfit inspiration to help get your ready! How to prepare for your session: Prep your kids in advance – here’s what […]

Your Summer Photo Session: Outfit Inspiration & What to Bring

This post could probably win an award for most boring blog post ever, but hopefully my clients and my photographer colleagues in Wisconsin find it to be somewhat helpful!  Clients, keep reading.  Photogs – more info for you at the bottom! For my Madison-area clients: Have a popular location in mind?  Make sure you schedule […]

Photography, Location Fees, and the Wisconsin DNR: What You Need to Know!

country spring engagement session

You’ve made the leap and hired your wedding photographer! Or you took a deep breath, saved your pennies, and invested in an anniversary photo session. Now comes what is for many the most intimidating part of the process – choosing your outfits! (And ladies lets be honest, we are the ones who have the most […]

What to Wear to Your Engagement or Anniversary Session

Prep your fiance/husband in advance – Explain that this session is going to take 1 or 2 hours.  Also make sure he knows that it is important to you! Trust your photographer both during the session and when discussing locations and time of day for your session!  Your photographer will knowing the best times and […]

5 Tips to Nail Your Engagement or Anniversary Session

navy_emerald_turquoise spring summer family photo outfit inspiration

Happy spring!  I’m sooo excited that it’s finally green outside.  Getting family photos done in the next few months?  Choosing outfits can often be the most stressful part of getting family photos, but I’ve compiled some tips that might be able to help, as well as some color boards for inspiration!  Today’s post is specifically […]

The Outfit Guide: Spring/Summer Edition

While the shot above may suggest otherwise, it is possible to get precious shots of your child during his or her session. I promise! The key is flexiblity! Many things affect the way your child responds to my camera: the weather, their outfit, how much sleep they got the night before, how they feel about […]

What to Expect: Your Child’s Photo Session

People seem to assume that because I’m from New England, I’m used to the cold.  It’s more like, I’m used to the eternal state of being cold!  Whether you’re having an engagement session or getting a new Christmas card photo, winter in the Midwest is a tough time to take photos!  Here are a few […]

5 Ways to Weather Your Winter Portrait Session!