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In seeking God’s will for my business over the years, I’ve often struggled with clarity but as I’ve prayed and studied it’s been pretty clear that even though God opens doors, it’s still up to me to walk through said door! An open door doesn’t do any good if you just stand there staring at […]

Introducing…My Madison, WI Photography Studio!

christmas baubles

My dear family and friends, I can’t believe there are just a few days ’til Christmas!  Every year, my mom and I collaborate on the Christmas letter that she sends to family and friends. It’s a tradition that we started when I was in high school and it’s something that I can do with my […]

This is My 2019 Christmas Letter

business strategy for when you're feeling stuck

Four years ago I officially started my business after years of loving different forms of photography on and off.  Confession time – It was actually with some reluctance that I submitted the official paperwork and I only did it because someone had paid me with a check that said my un-official business name on it!  […]

New Name, New Site & Why I Changed Them

hydrangea bouquet

Welp, here is the second installment of Brian’s and my love story.  I bet you thought I’d never get around to part 2!  If you need a refresher (I did!), part 1 of our love story is here: I had left camp early that first summer (2011) to go photograph my first wedding in Ohio. […]

Our Love Story, Pt. 2

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I’ve always been one of those creative, “crafty” people.  I grew up in New Hampshire in a tiny college town nestled at the foot of the White Mountain National Forest and was homeschooled K-12, which meant that I had lots of time to exercise creativity. A high school obsession with scrapbooking first led me to […]

More Precious With Time: The Power of Photography

Today’s post is the next installment in my personal project, “The Farm Series”.  This series is part puppy marketing images and part documentary images of Valley View Farm, a dairy farm in south-central Wisconsin and my brother-in-law’s pride and joy.  (If you missed previous installments, click the links below!) This installment […]

The Farm Series: Chore Time

For many, the Christmas season lends itself to reminiscing like no other.  I am no exception – I realized yesterday that it was my 7th Christmas spent with my husband’s immediate family and that it was finally starting to actually feel like Christmas.  See, Christmas has always been my favorite time of year and until […]

Christmas Looks Different After You Marry

Two weeks ago, I had the chance to visit my sister Katie in South Carolina.  We had planned this trip months ago, even before finding out that my sister would be leaving to spend a year working at an orphanage in Tanzania, Africa. As the time approached, Hurricane Irma kept us in suspense.  We weren’t […]

Personal: Southern Adventures

Ask anyone who knew me at any point between 3rd grade and sophomore year of college and they will tell you – I was not getting married.  I just wasn’t.  My plan was to graduate from college, move to Colorado, and have lots of cats and if I got lucky, a horse or two. That […]

Our Love Story: Pt. 1

You guys, when I say I grew up in the woods, I’m not kidding.  This was my backyard, and I wouldn’t change a thing! Some of you know that I went home for a few days in July to visit my family.  My five days in New Hampshire were filled with quick visits with friends, […]

Personal: East Coast Trip