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Carly & David’s Madison Wedding

Once again, I’m at a loss for words.  Its been a crazy, awesome, emotional, busy, wonderful summer and I’m so thankful for each of the wonderful brides that have trusted me with their special days.  I’ve learned so much and learned even more about what I have yet to learn.  I’ve explored new places and met amazing people.  All that said, Carly and David’s wedding was the most perfect way to end my first wedding season.

We bonded at our first meeting – David grew up in my native New England, and Carly is a creative after my own heart.  Their sensitivity and sweetness to each other and those around them were evident also.  During our second meeting, I asked them if it was alright if my husband second shot the reception to get some more practice.  Their immediate reaction was excitement that I would be able to spend the evening with my husband!  I almost cried!

I knew that their wedding would be special, but I wasn’t prepared for the depth of the day’s emotions.


Laughter reigned in the getting ready room, tears at the first look.  Every detail was meaningful, from her TOMS – a nod to her consistent concern for those she has never met), to a symbolic Irish ring that belonged to her grandmother.  And the dress.  The dress was simply perfect.  Perfectly Carly and perfectly beautiful!

carlydavid_madisonwedding-5 carlydavid_madisonwedding-4carlydavid_madisonwedding-6 carlydavid_madisonwedding-3carlydavid_madisonwedding

carlydavid_madisonwedding-8Ageless beauty.  Stunning.
carlydavid_madisonwedding-10carlydavid_madisonwedding-11 carlydavid_madisonwedding-9As befitted a classy wedding, Carly chose an awesome getting ready venue – a newly remodeled hotel on the capitol square.  We did their first look on the grand staircase, and this interior designer had to get a couple of shots with the gorgeous gold elevator gates that were salvaged from the state capitol building just yards away.

carlydavid_madisonwedding-13 carlydavid_madisonwedding-14 carlydavid_madisonwedding-17

carlydavid_madisonwedding-15 carlydavid_madisonwedding-16 carlydavid_madisonwedding-18After the first look, we headed for the capitol steps to get some group shots.  So thankful for perfect lighting, despite the number of wedding parties on the square that day!
carlydavid_madisonwedding-19 carlydavid_madisonwedding-22


Laughter reigned once again during the portraits.  Such a fun wedding party!  carlydavid_madisonwedding-21carlydavid_madisonwedding-24 carlydavid_madisonwedding-20carlydavid_madisonwedding-23carlydavid_madisonwedding-26 carlydavid_madisonwedding-25

The ceremony took place at Olbrich Park in an outdoor garden.  Secret garden anyone?  carlydavid_madisonwedding-28carlydavid_madisonwedding-29carlydavid_madisonwedding-30carlydavid_madisonwedding-32carlydavid_madisonwedding-31carlydavid_madisonwedding-33carlydavid_madisonwedding-34


Carly and David had family attending from Ireland!  So special!



carlydavid_madisonwedding-50carlydavid_madisonwedding-49carlydavid_madisonwedding-51carlydavid_madisonwedding-48carlydavid_madisonwedding-53carlydavid_madisonwedding-54carlydavid_madisonwedding-55carlydavid_madisonwedding-56The reception venue, Brocach on Monroe, was the perfect place for this Irish couple.
carlydavid_madisonwedding-58carlydavid_madisonwedding-59carlydavid_madisonwedding-57carlydavid_madisonwedding-61carlydavid_madisonwedding-83A true Wisconsin wedding is not complete without cheese curds!carlydavid_madisonwedding-60carlydavid_madisonwedding-63As a surprise for Carly & David, their family hired a bagpiper to show up during the reception!carlydavid_madisonwedding-62carlydavid_madisonwedding-84carlydavid_madisonwedding-64

The cake table paid tribute to Carly and David’s rich heritage.


The toasts were just the sweetest.  I teared up listening to Carly’s dad explain how he had fallen in love with his wife all over again, and laughed listening to Carly’s sister explain how she brought them together, and teared up again as I listen to her explain how she knew David was the one for Carly.

carlydavid_madisonwedding-68 carlydavid_madisonwedding-67

carlydavid_madisonwedding-69 carlydavid_madisonwedding-70carlydavid_madisonwedding-71And then laughter again as David’s best man and close friend described their friendship.  It was clear that Carly and David’s sweetness had touched everyone in the room.

Instead of hiring a DJ, Carly and David compiled their own playlist of special songs and upbeat tunes.carlydavid_madisonwedding-75

carlydavid_madisonwedding-77carlydavid_madisonwedding-87carlydavid_madisonwedding-76carlydavid_madisonwedding-78 carlydavid_madisonwedding-82 carlydavid_madisonwedding-81 carlydavid_madisonwedding-80carlydavid_madisonwedding-89 carlydavid_madisonwedding-79 carlydavid_madisonwedding-88Carly and David, thank you so much for giving Brian and I the opportunity to photograph this most special day!  We wish you a long and happy marriage surrounded by the friends and family you love so dearly!
 <3 Amy & Brian

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Carly & David’s Madison Wedding