An Alternative to Convertkit? First Look at Flodesk Checkout!

Flodesk’s email management system is beloved by many for its gorgeous emails and simple interface. Flodesk Checkout is a new product from Flodesk that offers a similar simplicity with the added power of a beautiful sales page builder, Checkout page, and Delivery page.

I just got access to the Beta version of Flodesk Checkout and I did a first look behind the scenes video and I’m summarizing my thoughts here on the blog as well! You can watch the full Youtube video here:

Pros & Cons


  • Streamlines the sales process with style!
  • Robust sales and email integration – In the checkout options you can add people to up to three different segments depending on certain variables. A powerful tool for product specific followup!
  • The checkout page also has an up-sell feature to help increase your sales!

I sell a couple of digital products and I have been using Shopify Lite buttons with my Showit site. It’s clumsy at best and I’m so excited to be switching to Flodesk Checkout!


  • No physical product sales capability at the moment: It’s currently set up to handle course sales, service sales, and digital download sales.
  • Card purchases only. It is integrated with Stripe so Paypal and the like are not an option.
  • No payment plan capability at this time.
  • Buttons on the sales page can only link to the checkout page at this time.
  • The sales page links seem be just random words/numbers at this point so it looks mess if typed out and since it’s all part of Flodesk, it wouldn’t help your website’s SEO.

Additional Notes & Thoughts

Something I forgot to note in the video: On the delivery page you can link to wherever you want people to go! So a download source, video resource, course login, you name it.

Screenshot of the flodesk checkout interface.  Can Flodesk Checkout replace Convertkit?

Don’t have access to the beta version yet? It’s coming to everyone in September 2022!

Haven’t tried Flodesk? Get 50% off your subscription with this link:

Note: Flodesk Checkout will be an additional monthly cost on top of Flodesk’s email marketing platform.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I may make a small commission at no additional cost to you.

For Small Businesses


An Alternative to Convertkit? First Look at Flodesk Checkout!