The Brand Audit: Are Your Photos Magnifying or Muddling Your Online Presence?

How do you know if your brand photos are magnifying your brand or muddling your message? It’s one thing to have photos of yourself, but another thing to have images that actually propel your online presence forward? Strategically assess your current brand visuals by conducting a brand audit for your online presence.

Assess Your Current Brand

First, note all the places your brand currently shows up online and in person. This includes your website, social platforms, and client facing locations like pricing guides or client info packets.

Next, make some notes about your current and future business and marketing goals.

  • Who is your ideal client?
  • Is that ideal client changing or staying the same?
  • How will your goals impact how you’re showing up online now?
  • Are there platforms or strategies that you’re revising or leaving behind?
  • What new platforms or strategies are you incorporating?

Assess your Current Visuals

Finally, go back to your list of places your brand shows up online. For each location, note whether or not there are images in that location and if so, evaluate how well they align with your brand.

Going location by location will help you hone in on specific gaps in your brand imagery but it can also be helpful seeing all of your visuals in one place to ensure overall cohesiveness. For extra credit, use Canva or Pages or a notes app to create an image collage with photos from across your brand – recent Insta feed, FB page, website, etc.

Can you answer yes to the following questions?

  • Is there a cohesive color scheme or editing style to all of the images?
  • Is there a theme to the actual content of the images?
  • Does your personality come through in your images?

Now add your logo and brand colors to the top of your image collage. Do the images clash or do they harmonize?

If you answered yes to these questions, do you have a bank of additional images to keep up the quality visuals, or are you scraping the bottom of the barrel?

If you answered no, it’s time to start planning your session!

Here’s a very quick example of screenshots from my website, instagram, email list drafts, and freebie cover:

example of a visual brand audit collage with screenshots from across my online presence.

Want more guidance with conducting your own brand audit for your online presence? I created a free image audit worksheet for you! Sign up for my email list to download the worksheet!

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cover of the visual brand audit workbook

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The Brand Audit: Are Your Photos Magnifying or Muddling Your Online Presence?