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Oh you guys.  Can’t you just tell that this is going to be the most fun ever?!! Not a fun topic to write about but the more brand photography I do, the more questions I get asked about this topic! VERY Important Disclaimer: I am definitely not an attorney and I do not speak for […]

The Difference Between Copyright & Usage Rights (AND when should you credit your photographer?)

dina nina martinez headshot

Welcome to the very first installment of Feature Friday! I’ve had this on the brain for a while and it’s finally here! I’ll be sharing about one of my incredible clients, along with images from their brand photo session, every (or almost every) Friday! First up is Dina Nina Martinez. Dina is a multi-passionate Madison […]

Madison WI Brand Photography for Entrepreneurs: Dina Nina Martinez!

the one app I use to stay organized in my business

Confession: I am not the world’s most organized person.  I’m a very messy creative and both my real and virtual surfaces tend to be cluttered.  I’ve learned that I won’t stick with a complicated system or multiple systems.  I need one place to put all the stuff.  To do lists, blog posts, random info I […]

The ONE App I Use to Keep My Business Organized

female headshot in madison wisconsin

Headshots and brand photos are two terms that are often used interchangeably by people (myself included!) but in reality, they’re two different things and are used in two different marketing strategies. Traditionally, a headshot is a formal posed portrait that is most often used as an online profile photo or business card image.  The subject […]

Headshots or Brand Photos: What’s the Difference?

In seeking God’s will for my business over the years, I’ve often struggled with clarity but as I’ve prayed and studied it’s been pretty clear that even though God opens doors, it’s still up to me to walk through said door! An open door doesn’t do any good if you just stand there staring at […]

Introducing…My Madison, WI Photography Studio!

My friend, your big idea does not need validation from other people to be a great idea. Recently, Brian and I were watching the Star Wars documentary, Empire of Dreams, and it hit me that everyone told George Lucas he was crazy. EVEN HIS OWN CAST (and his trusted industry colleagues) thought the first Star […]

Business Advice from Star Wars

entrepreneur sitting on her sofa

Have you ever felt like clients (or potential clients) won’t take you seriously if you tell them you have a day job?⁠ YOU WILL ONLY BE TAKEN AS SERIOUSLY AS YOU TAKE YOURSELF! If you act professional and take yourself and your business seriously, so will your clients, regardless of how many hours you happen […]

Six Ways to Ensure People Take Your Side Hustle Seriously

before and after of a brand image

One of the questions I get asked all the time in various forms is: “Do you Photoshop photos before you deliver them?” The simple answer?  Not if I can help it! But usually when my clients ask that, that’s not what they’re really asking. What most people really want to know is, “How do you […]

FAQs: Do You Photoshop Your Images?

doll entrepreneur at her desk

I’m intentionally writing this post while I’m still in this season, while I’m in the thick of things so that I can fully empathize but also so that I can remind myself why I still drag myself to the office every day.  If you’re in the same boat, this is for you:  “Five Reasons to […]

Five Reasons to Keep Your Day Job (for now)

Wisconsin elopement details

Covid-19, a tornado warning, and torrential rain – Heidi and Dan smiled through so many obstacles and it was an honor to capture their wedding day over the weekend! Like many couples, Heidi & Dan had to make tough decisions due to the pandemic. They chose to have a small, elopement style ceremony and portrait […]

Paine Art Center & Gardens Elopement-Style Wedding: Heidi & Dan