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On your website home page (or sales page) to tell people what you do, and the heart behind it! As an intro to every Youtube video on your channel, OR as your channel intro video. On your website “About Me” page to let people “behind the scenes”! What it looks like to work with you, […]

6 Places to Use a Brand Video

In my first post of this planning series, I shared the big picture goal behind brand photography.  (See it here.) Now I’m digging into planning a successful session and the first thing you need to think about is image placement. Ask broad questions first: Where do you need these new images to go in the […]

Planning Your Brand Photo Session Pt.2 : Determining Image Placement

I did a poll on my Instagram stories a while back and the majority of people said that they wanted tips on planning their session so I put my nerd hat on and I’m deep diving into the planning process.  But first, the big picture. Brand photography is a newer term/photography style that has developed […]

Planning Your Brand Photography Session Pt. 1: The Big Picture

There are different styles of brand video and which one you choose is really just going to depend on your business and where you plan to use it! 1) Straight b-roll. (B-roll is an industry term for “candid” style video footage.)  Straight b-roll may just have music instead of someone’s voice speaking. B-roll without audio of your […]

Four Types of Brand Video and Where to Use Them

Today my friend Kate is on the blog! Kate is an online marketing pro who serves interior designers, home stagers, home organizers, and workroom professionals. As her brand has evolved, so has her brand photography and her session was so much fun to plan! We ended up doing two main “sets” to give her variety […]

Client Spotlight: Kate the Socialite

Your brand new brand photos shouldn’t be relegated to your dusty About Me page. Instead, images of your face should be featured all over your site! (Especially if you are a service based business owner and the face of your business.) In this post I’m sharing 5 places to put your brand new photos on your website!

Five Places for Images of Yourself on Your Website (for service based business owners).

Lacey’s brand new website by Sparrow Kreatives launched earlier this week and I had to take the opportunity to share a few favorites from her brand session from a few months ago! Lacey is a Wisconsin based natural light photographer who photographs families and weddings. Her new website is light and crisp, so we wanted […]

Client Spotlight: Lacey Koehler Photography

Making the most of your brand photography investment means digging into your brand FIRST! Fancy photos aren’t any good if they don’t align with the brand and mission that you’re putting out into the world!

Behind the Scenes: How I Plan Brand Sessions for My Clients!

Last summer Tiffany and I met up at a fantastic studio just outside of Chicago for some bright and colorful brand photos! Tiffany is the founder of Graceful Growth Counseling Services in Chicago and she needed some new brand photos! (Makeup by the completely fabulous Alpha Dara Cosmetics!) Tiffany came prepared with super fun outfits […]

Chicago IL Area Brand Photos: Tiffany!

I finally purchased a Canon mirrorless camera and it has replaced my Canon 5D Mark III as my lead camera! I did actually already own a Sony mirrorless camera for video, but wanted to stick with Canon gear for everything so I sold it and purchased the Canon EOS R. Here’s why I didn’t buy […]

For Photogs: Why I made the Switch to Mirrorless Cameras!