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5 Simple Tasks to Help Your Business Feel More Organized (whether it is or not)

The best news?  You can do all of these things from your couch, while eating ice cream!  That’s right, these all involve your computer.  Just like your desk, your computer can get cluttered and make you feel drained and overwhelmed every time you crack open your laptop or swipe away your screensaver. Here are five things you can do to help reduce the digital clutter:

  • Add an extra layer of folders in your documents folder (or wherever you keep the majority of your digital files)  Business Name > Broad Categories > Narrowed down Categories (ex: Amy Lynn Creative > Social Media > Pinterest Graphics, Facebook Post Copy, etc)

  • Go through your Downloads folder. Anyone else guilty of letting helpful info live in their Downloads folder forever? Drag these things into the appropriate folders. Don’t have the appropriate folders? Make them!

  • Clear off your desktop.  CLEAR IT OUT.  Stuck on any one thing?  Make a folder called Misc. or Need to File on your Desktop if you have three things that are keeping you stumped.

  • Delete any duplicates and any files you don’t need and then empty your trash can or recycle bin!

  • Sort through your Google Drive or Dropbox and organize all those files into folders.

  • Back up your computer to an external hard drive. Ideally, store that hard drive in a fire/waterproof safe. You can also back your computer up to a cloud service such as Backblaze.

This takes a few hours but it is worth it!  If you don’t have a chunk of hours (I certainly don’t!) schedule 15 or 30 minute segments for yourself and listen to a motivational or informational podcast while you work! Phew!  So much better!

PS: If you’re feeling stuck in your business, you may run across ideas you’d forgotten about or resources that you’d downloaded and one of them might help you get back on track!

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5 Simple Tasks to Help Your Business Feel More Organized (whether it is or not)