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5 Places to Use One Headshot in Your Marketing

Did you know that you can crop your brand photos different ways and use the same one in more than one place online? (The most versatile images are horizontal images with more white space on one side!).

  1. As a profile photo. Be sure to zoom in on your face, and use the same profile photo everywhere you show up online for consistency! This will help people find you and be re-assured that they found the right person!

2) As an Instagram or social media post. (Cropped square.) Introduce yourself, share a personal quirk, or share a bit about why you do what you do!

3) As a graphic with text. (Crop it square, but with more white space.) Use the empty space to put title text for a pro tip, memorable quote, or upcoming promotion.

4) As a header on your website or sales page. You could also use this for a Facebook cover or a Youtube channel cover. Youtube channel covers tend to be the most tricky because they are such an odd size! I recommend using the cutout method below for those instead!

5) Cutout. Use Canva Pro’s background remover tool to remove eeverything except the subject (you!). Then layer it on to a graphic. Cutting yourself out of the background also allows you to resize more easily in case you need more room for text.

What if you don’t have an image with the amount of white space this one has? Ultimately, horizontal images have the most versatility. (unless of course, you need an Instagram Reels cover!) If a vertical image is all you have to work with, create a Canva doc that is the size you need for your graphic, then add the image. Use the background remover tool to

What if the white space is on the wrong side? Use Canva’s “Flip Horizontal” tool to magically put the space on the side you need!

Save the graphic below or pin it to Pinterest for future reference!

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5 Places to Use One Headshot in Your Marketing